Friendship Forged in Service

November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023

Needed information: A shape capture is the process in which a patient is placed in a set of sealed bean bags where the air pressure can be adjusted. As air is added to the bags, the become more nimble and pliable. As air is removed, the bags become frim and retain their shape. We uses this process to "Capture the Shape" of the patient in order to make custom molded seat cushions and backs

A patient comes to Westpeak Mobility in order to do a shape capture. The therapist assists with the transfer into the shape capture bags and soon after Alan and Adam go to work. Alan starts the process of moving and adjusting the patient to optimize their comfort and positioning goals. Adam seamlessly controls the air valves to let more air in or to take air out. Every adjustment that Alan makes is matched with a proportional adjustment by Adam. The therapist asks "How does Adam know what to do? You are not even talking." The patient responds, "They are telepathic"

Neither Alan or Adam are telepathic. However, they have been working with each other for so long that we know how the other person thinks and can anticipate their needs. This makes for a very seamless and efficient work environment. The ultimate benefactor to this telepathic friendship is our patinets. They are able to work together in perfect synchrony. Whether its working together on a shape capture or doing a fitting, they will most certainly put their heads together and provide the best possible outcome for their patients.

Adam is Alan's go-to person for trouble shooting problems or design / configuration advice. There isn't much that Adam has not seen or done. He has a tremendous knowledge of seating products and their limitations. Alan is knows for coming up with a few creative solutions in order to meet a patinets goals, and every time Alan has one of these far fetched ideas, Adam is there to help figure it out and make it happen.

Not only is Adam good at what he does, he is also passionate, kind, dedicated and compassionate to our patients. He is known for going above and beyond for his customers. He is an asset to Westpeak Mobility and everyone that has the privilege of his association.

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